First 50 miles from London to Box Hill and back :D

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Evening all,

Made the 50 milestone this afternoon!

Absolutely brilliant ride from Wandsworth down to Epsom, Leatherhead then along to East Horsley and back along Ranmore Common, taking a slight detour to include the breathtaking (in more ways than one) Box Hill. Then back to Epsom and along the awful A24.

Perfect weather, light breeze and flashes of sun. The North Downs roads were smooth, especially compared to the London tarcrap.

Only downside was having some little sh1t throw a large stone at me, bouncing off my spokes and making one hell of a clang.

Very much looking forward to jumping back on the bike :D

Hope you all had pleasant rides and enjoy Eurovision :P


  • johngti
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    Nice one! Well done Mathew
  • goonz
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    Yep great ride mate, Box hill is fun isnt it?
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  • MathewDay
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    goonz wrote:
    Yep great ride mate, Box hill is fun isnt it?

    Cheers guys!

    First time doing it, must remember next time to keep my head up because the views are amazing! Also great to see "I love you Cav" and "Wiggo" still painted on the road.
  • cerv50
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    A group of us rode up from Brighton to Box Hill yesterday too. It was my first trip and was great to see the writing on the road. Box Hill itself is lovely, the tarmac was so smooth, a real pleasure to ride up especially when passing loads of slower riders :) The hill wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be and before you know it your at the top. I too didn't look at the views, too busy pedalling!!!