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first time bike

minimaniacwhyardminimaniacwhyard Posts: 4
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
hello everyone
im new here and am after my first road bike. i am unfortunately on a budget. £200 maybe £ 300. i know its not a lot after going into a few shops and having looked i have decided to buy second hand. i used to be into mountain bikes and trials a few years back but its a lot of hassle for me to travel to the spots now, i want to start something on my own doorstep. i have fell out of what i would call my happy fitness level as well, the smoking didnt help. im giving up should have never have started. so on top of wanting to start this as a hobbie its also a sort of censored replacement. any ideas would be welcome :D


  • andyboyceandyboyce Posts: 156
    Save up your censored money and get a Specialized Allez for around £600
  • unfortunately from experience i tend to spend the "censored money" on food :(
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