First road bike

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So I have made my first road bike purchase I bought a Claud Butler Milano 2013 ... e-ec049017

I was swayed by the employee of my LBS to go for this one rather than the Giant Defy 4 but cannot find any reviews anywhere about this bike. I did take it for a test run and I liked it, anyone got any opinions on this bike and Claud Butler bikes in general?

Thanks in advance :D


  • lawrences
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    You've already said you liked it. Other peoples reviews shouldn't matter much after that.

    Looks like a good bike have fun on it.
  • Bobbinogs
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    Yepp, what he said ^^

    I notice that the spec doesn't detail the tyres but I suspect that they will be bog standard at best. Hence, when you have a spare £50 then it is worth thinking about some decent ones (lot's of advice of the Road Buying section if you search). Good tyres make a big and very cost effective difference.

    Ride your bike and enjoy it :)