Zero G Dog

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  • Cleat Eastwood
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    is this on youtube - that link asks to play it with quicktime - and I do like a good dog going down. :lol:
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  • ballysmate
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    I expected some American hip hop . :oops:
    Pleasantly surprised though. Hope there was no zero g dogshit, don't know how Bustacapp would react to that. :)
    Thinking about it, I would probably rather see dogshit than any hip hop.

  • ct8282
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    A forced stall perhaps. Might have to try that next time I fly my little Piper.
  • Lagrange
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    You have a piper - me too before buying my Airbus.
  • ct8282
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    Lagrange wrote:
    You have a piper - me too before buying my Airbus.

    Ha ha. I'm looking at an Airbus too as it goes. Not my Piper. Flying clubs of course, but its what I fly, PA28.