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Trek Fuel EX8 2010 - Suspension Overhaul

steelosteelo Posts: 542
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My bike has been pretty much unused for just over a year. I've ridden it 2-3 times in the last few weeks and noticed a lot of creaking and cracking noises coming from it. It's not the seat post i'm pretty sure of that as it happens when i'm up out of the saddle so I think it might be the bearings in the rear-suspension. Where is the best place to have them replaced?? Is this the sort of thing to get the LBS to do? What sort of price should I be looking at paying?

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  • JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
    not hard if you are an ok mechanic, but a quite a lot of labour vs the bits. Superstar do some good bearing tools if you need them. I think bearing kits are available on e-bay. just watch out for the pre-load washers on the link arm they deform quite easy and are expensive (£5) each for a 3mm washer??
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    Look for Katec on Ebay, he also does Youtube vids of different bikes.
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  • suspendedsuspended Posts: 30
    You probably won't even have to replace the bearings - just give things a clean-up. My 2011 EX9 was also making creaking noises and all that I did to remedy things was to remove the pivot bearing caps/screws with an Allen key, pull the suspension arms apart from each other, wipe everything clean (no need to press bearings out or remove bearing seals) and then reassemble. I did use a torque wrench, following the values specified on the bearing caps - remember that the values are in inch pounds, NOT foot pounds!
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    Are you sure it's not the bottom bracket? I've also found that where the cable outers seat can also make a surprisingly loud noise.
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