shimano 105 pedals problem

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:? hey
I have a quick question for the more experienced on here!

I just got a new set of shimano 105 pedals, shimano cleats and shoes after previously using some "look-alikes" that the bike came with when I bought it.
I've been having trouble clipping into the pedals, finding it much harder than with the look-delta style I had before, infact I struggled to even clip into the right hand pedal despite it having the loosest tension set.

the main question I wanted to ask was if clip in pedals get easier to clip in and out of after extended use?
I don't feel entirely comfortable with them at the moment, I seem to have more problems getting into them than getting out, no good for crossing a busy road!


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    yes they do get easier as they wear in, but they should never be THAT hard to clip into, new ones are a lot more positive and precise.
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    can someone please move this to road advice? god i am a moron...

    I have no idea whether its the pedals that are faulty or me being a p*****
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    I had a similar problem when I replaced my worn Shimano cleats, had been using the exact same set up for a year with no hassel.

    LBS tested my shoes on a few bikes in the workshop, couldn't clip into any of them easily. Came to the conclusion that the cleats are faulty, replaced them....hey presto clip in and with ease. (the beauty of using the LBS)

    Maybe a batch of Shimano cleats going about that the factory mold was slightly off.
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    cheers for the reply!
    Im using the yellow cleats (with float I believe) sent with the pedals, i guess i'll give it a go replacing them
    was that recently boabie?
  • Boabie38
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    Same cleats, replaced only yesterday. I bought them a week ago.
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    I had some yellow ones where the bit at the back of the cleat that you push down to lock in had bent slightly. That meant it wouldn't click in easily at all.

    As someone else said, just change the cleat and see if that helps.
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    am I right in assuming most stores won't accept returns on cleats?
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    waterfalll wrote:
    am I right in assuming most stores won't accept returns on cleats?
    If they were clearly faulty they will but they are not going to be able to sell them to anyone else so if not, then it's highly unlikely.
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    i find loosening the pedal tension makes a difference to clipping in and out..
    i have the tension as lose as possible which works fine for me....
  • Boabie38
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    Shops will replace them if they are faulty. This will have to be proven. In my case, tried on a few different bikes, this is why they replaced mine.

    The shop will return the cleats to Shimano under a warranty claim.