Please help! - Bianchi road bike advise needed!

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Hi everyone,

Please may somebody look at this advert and give me some advice? Is this bike a good buy for the price advertised? I'm a bit worried as the bike has been advertised for quite a while but not sold. ... 1018654737

I'm looking to buy a road bike to commute to work but i also have a trip from London to Amsterdam planned next month. I've done a fair amount of cycling over the past 5 years but i've never really kept up-to-date with the technology behind the sport. All i know is that Bianchi is a trusted brand!

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  • lbmxj560
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    Don't go near it. At that price I would guess it has been stolen. If it is a 2012 you be looking at the £800+ region.
  • hipshot
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    Yeah looks nicked. Unknowledgable seller, doesn't know frame size, missing gear cable etc.

    Plenty of legit bikes out there at realistic prices, go for one of them.
  • ba68
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    Missing gear cable and to me it looks like it has no front mech.
  • smoggysteve
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    That is not a 2012 frame as quoted. its around 2009 at the latest. Veloce groupset Via Nirone was only available in Celeste last year and since 2011 has a much straighter fork. Guy selling obviously has no idea what the bike is apart from reading the brands on the side of the thing. AVOID.
  • georgebeck
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    Thank you guys! I will not be buying that bike!
  • BelgianBeerGeek
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    Yeah, I agree with the others. He has lifted the spec off a website. Those aren't Campag shifters, for a start. I have the Via Nirone in Silver and bought it in 2008. I think Bianchi stopped using silver as a frame colour shortly after.
    Ecrasez l’infame
  • mercia_man
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    All the points made above such as non-Campag shifters and rear mech, missing front mech etc are correct. Just shows what an excellent facility this forum is for people wanting useful info.
  • georgebeck
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    Thanks again to everyone.

    I'm new to the forum and i think it is great that people helped me out with this.

    Now it's time to search for an alternative purchase...