Which one? Road bike or Cyclo-cross?

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I'm looking to buy my first (serious) bike and being 18 1/2 stone and 6'4, would it make more sense to go for a cyclo-cross bike as opposed to a road bike, due to my size?
People tell me the cyclo-cross will be heavier, but really; as a relative beginner, am I going to notice a difference in performance? And others tell me the height of the cyclo-cross set up will be better suited to my height and that the wheels will be more capable of handling my weight. Any advice please, because I want to get this right.
thanks in advance.


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    If you're planning on taking it off-road at all then yes, a cross bike would be a very good idea but if it'll stay on tarmac then I wouldn't have thought your weight would preclude you buying a road bike.
    I'd probably stay away from 600g Evos and RCAs but any well put together road bike with a decent set of robust wheels should be fine.
  • thanks for that. I'm going to go for a fitting at a local specialist so I can (hopefully) end up with the best fitted bike capable of carrying my considerable bulk.
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    Most road bikes will be fine. Some lighter race orientated frames will have a rider weight limited but most road bikes do not. If wheels are an issue (snapping spokes for example) then you can always invest in some stronger ones. However many affordable wheels are pretty strong eg Fulcrum Racing 7s.
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