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Can the freehub body on Campagnolo record hubs be changed to make them compatible with Shimano/Sram? I have done this on Shamal wheels but am thinking of getting a 32 spoke set of handbuilts on these hubs.


  • pkripper
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    not sure, but if not, you can get a conversion cassette which runs on one set of splines with the other manufacturers tooth profile. Miche make them, and I'm sure plenty of others are out there.
  • bondurant
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    Or keep the freehub and cassette Campagnolo and use one of these (I'm assuming you have Shimano shifters and derailleur):
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Do you have the hubs already?
    Otherwise get Ultegra hubs, same geometry and similar quality
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  • hazy_day
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    Thanks Ugo,I have an Ultegra front hub so I'll get a rear and get them built,probably on Archetype rims.