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Canyon Nerve AL+

dazz25dazz25 Posts: 48
edited May 2013 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys,

I've got about £1.5k to upgrade from my 2011 Rockhopper. I'm looking at full suspension this time so the Canyon Nerve AL+ 6.0 looks like a good spec for the price.

I suppose my main question is - is there anything better out there for the price?

Also i'm not sure on the size. My Rockhopper is a 19" frame and fits me perfectly except I feel a bit stretched out at times (arms at full length when sat in seat). I've done a comparison between the geometry for the Rockhopper and the medium and large Canyons.

Can anybody see any obvious reason to go for the large over the medium? The top tube length it what stands out for me as the medium is ~30mm shorter than the Rockhopper which would help with the reach issue but don't know if the rest of it would be too small.




  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    I've also noticed the AL+ lately. Very very tempting. Good kit, good price and I only ever hear positives about Canyon. I have a FS itch that needs scratching in the next 6 months...

    You may find a better deal somewhere if you look very hard but the Nerve is a good shout so I wouldn't worry about VFM.

    I have heard Canyon are very helpful over the phone RE sizing. Give them a call and see what they say
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