Bought Schrader valve tubes, don't fit

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I've bought 2 Schrader tubes for my MTB wheels. The valves don't quite fit through the holes in the wheels :oops: Am I right in thinking this means they will take Presta tubes only? Or can Scrader valves be a tight fit - the Schraders look like they fit, but won't quite squeeze through the hole in the wheel :(

I suspect that ordering these wasn't my brightest moment :oops: Is the best bet just to get some Presta tubes instead?


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    what rims?

    some can be drilled out to 8.5mm to take them but i would be getting Presta.
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    They're the rims that came with a budget Giant bike - got a 'hoopster' sticker on them.

    Right - so assuming rims drilled for Presta don't fit Schraeder valves, I think this is something to add to the growing 'stupid things I've done' list. Easier to send the tubes back than get other holes drilled in the rims.