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Hi, I'm not new to cycling, but new to road bikes.

However, I've managed to persuade my company to start the "cycle to work" scheme...

I've always had my eye on Bianchi bikes, I love the shape, the colour etc. The ones I've looked at have either campagnolo or shimano. As a MTB rider I'm well accustomed to shimano and not top sure on the campys.

The bloke at my LBS has told me to look at the Trek Madone 2.1 or the Giant Defy 1. However, for some reason I don't feel comfortable riding a giant or trek.

So my question is:

For £1000 do I get the Bianchi (are they any good)
or can you persuade me to buy a trek or giant?!

Thanks in advance.


  • Gizmodo
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    Buy what puts a smile on your face, wanting to get out on it is half the battle. Just make sure you try it out before you buy, preferably take it for a test ride for a couple of hours to make sure it's the right size. There's nothing worse than buying a bike that's too small or too large.
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    if you like the Bianchi get it but a Bianchi with a shimano groupset is just wrong :roll:
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    I have a Bianchi with Shimano Ultegra and I absolutely love it. I even love it enough to put up with the parcels of dog sh*t which are regularly posted through my door by "proper" Bianchi owners :-)

    Seriously - if you like it, get it. In my cycling group 2 of us ride Bianchis and they're both Shimano
  • I recently got a bike on the c2w scheme and i got a Specialized Allez 2013 - and i couldnt recommend it any higher i absolutely love it! And at £550 you can get all the accessories with your £1000 :)
  • grim168
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    I'm looking too. £1000 limit and am looking at cannondale synapse 105 and giant defy 1. Defy gets rave reviews but not sure I fancy a giant. I have campag on an old ribble and shifters on my tourer and quite like it.
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    grim168 wrote:
    I'm looking at cannondale synapse 105 and giant defy 1. Defy gets rave reviews but not sure I fancy a giant
    Have you ridden them both?

    Each to his own, but when I test rode a Cannondale Synapse against a Giant Defy 3 comp and a Defy 1 Alu, I much preferred both the Giants (and ended up with the Defy 3 Comp).
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • grim168
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    Haven't had chance to ride either yet. Just can't get excited about giants. What was the difference in ride. can't afford the defy carbon on c2w scheme so it would be the alloy defy 1.