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Peak District.

lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
edited May 2013 in Routes
I have Monday off and me and another biker from work want to try somewhere new rather than the same old trail centres. We have heard good things about the Peak District, such as Jacobs ladder is it and ladybower.

Do any of you ride this area and can recommend a good route. We are probably of the skill of Dalby, struggle a little completing it but we do manage it. But technical wise it's a breeze.

Cheers :D


  • CookiedCookied Posts: 16
    For the first time up there you can't go wrong with the Ladybower classic. Got a number of top downhills and if the fitness lets you down there are options to bail and head back to the car.
  • lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
    Thats my worry haha. Would you say harder or easier than Dalby? Is there any better ones for my first time?
  • chemicalalichemicalali Posts: 41
    +1 for the Ladybower loop. For fitness and time needed I'd guess it's about the same as Dalby. Don't do the Beast Descent from Hope Cross though (do Roman Road instead) - it's much more technical than anything at Dalby.
  • lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
    Any good places to get a map/pdf print off on the net?
  • chemicalalichemicalali Posts: 41
    For the Dark Peak, you can't go far wrong with the Vertebrate Graphics guide. Lots of good stuff in there. ... dition.php
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    There are many free online guides have a search and you'll find them. Otherwise I can recommend the Vertebrate books. I've used them for Peaks, Lakes and Wales and the routes are usually good fun.
  • lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
    Cheers guys. That book does look good. I will have to invest.
  • If you want a map of the ladybower classic you could do worse than looking at the BHF bike challenge site. They do a very convenient pdf ... -road.aspx
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