Cove Hummer Xc (Katy Kona is dead)

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After finding a huge crack in the top tube of my 2009 Caldera whilst cleaning it one sunday, the race was on to get a new bike for Swinley Forest the following sunday!!!! In the process of saving for a new bike so I was on the prowl for a 2nd hand frame to tide me over for a few months.

A riding buddy came to the rescue & said he had a frame in his garage I could have for a £100, it was a Cove Hummer. Luckily I could transfer everything from the Kona to the Cove apart from the cables. Never normally goes this smoothly!!!

Feels a bit flash having a titanium frame but for that price I can deal with my inferiority issues :D . Thought about swapping it but I'm in two minds after the way it rode around Swinley.

Enough waffle for now, pics to follow........