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This post is mainly intended for any beginners out there who are struggling, especially with climbs. I hope it will show that anything is possible if you just stick at it and hope it will provide some encouragment to someone.
8 months ago I started cycling at the ripe old age of 46 after a 25 year break and an equally long 40 a day Marlborough habit. When I started I was nervous going down the hill to town as I wasn't sure I would make it back up. It is only 1.5km long at an average of 5.1% but I only just made it back up.
After that I slowly increased my mileage and the difficulty of hills I climbed. I must admit it was hard at times, riding up hills in blizzards or freezing rain but I stuck at.
Last month I completed my first 100km ride which included almost 2000m of climbs which gave me the confidence to attempt my goal of riding an HC climb, 6 months ahead of schedule. So yesterday I drove to Arriondas 30km away from the summit of Los Lagos de Covadonga in the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain (where I live).
Once on the climb the Garmin gradient meter never seemed to go below 10% and there was one stretch of 900m at a constant 15% gradient. Looking back I'm still not sure how I managed it but I made it to the top without stopping and to be honest never thought once about stopping; although I was extremely relieved to see the lake as I rounded the final bend.
All the way up people in passing cars were shouting encouragement and when at the top several people came up to me and asked if I had really ridden all the way up. I must admit it is an experience I will never forget and I felt a real sense of achievement. 8 months ago if anyone had told me I would be climbing to the top of the famous Lagos de Covadonga by May, I would have laughed in their face and even put some serious money against it. Now I am sitting here thinking I'm sure I can ride it 1kph faster next time.
Well I guess this has been a bit of blowing my own trumpet post but I really do hope someone who has just started draws some encouragement from it.
And by the way, if anyone fancies trying the Lagos de Covadonga I would be only too happy to provide any info. It truly is a stunning ride - I will post some photos this week.


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    kudos to you,what a brilliant effort.Sounds a real killer climb with those gradients.Looking forward to seeing the pics.
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    Fair play to ya ... I'd be giving my trumpet a blow as well! :D
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  • Inspirational. I have been dithering about whether to attempt tourmalet in June. Mind is now made up. Thank you.
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    Well done, and what makes it nicer to read is that passing cars were shouting encouragement, where as over hear they would have just been shouting abuse.
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    Great work fella - still in dreamland myself, but one day I will do an HC!!
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    fair play that man!! have you kicked the smoking too?

    you quite deserve to blow your own trumpet too :)
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    Nice one, much the same experience for me here in mallorca. Not a climb left on the island for me to do. Dont think.
  • MartAstur
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    Thanks for the kudos. Just uploaded some photos :)
    So true about the UK drivers. Here in Asturias people have a real respect for cyclists, well on tough climbs they have, on the flats they are probably the same. Forgot to mention how great it was riding up a climb with Contador and other top riders names written on the road. Didn't make me go any faster though :S
    Yep, gave up smoking too although I felt like smoking a cigar when I got to the top :)
  • TommyB61
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    Well done! I'd love to tackle an HC climb one day.
  • ct8282
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    Pics or it didn't happen. :D

    And, well done mate. Top work.
  • goonz
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    Excellent work! I struggle to get up over speed bumps sometimes so that is some achievement!

    Lets have some pics!!!
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    Fantastic achievment. I still struggle on a short 13% gradient on.my regular route (bug I ride a hybrid rqther than a road bike). Thanks for posting, you do inspire people like me. I' m doing my first 100km this summer (London to Brighton) and trying to get some practice on hills. If I don't drop dead on the night, I'll look at a 100 mile ride for my next target (I may also treat myself to a better bike).
  • MartAstur
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    Here's a pic! and I have posted some more in the photo gallery in the ACTIVE section.

    Good luck with the 100km ride @mrfpb. I still struggle up short 13% climbs too, I have just learnt to struggle for a longer amount of time :)
  • markhewitt1978
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    Started cycling last July, and a month ago did the climb from Port de Pollenca to the Puig Major tunnel and down to Soller, in Mallorca -- stopped many many times however and in that direction is not an HC climb just a few 3rd and 4th.

    From Soller up to the tunnel however *is* HC and I hope to go back some day and do that; I've already cycled down it after all ;), But it was long enough going up in the car, cycling up and not stopping seems impossible to me, at the moment!
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    If you have a garmin can you upload to Strava, would like to look at your route. Cheers.
  • southdownswolf
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    I would imagine that this is the Strava segment that you need to view. http://app.strava.com/segments/826228

    p.s. well done to the OP :D
  • MartAstur
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    I would imagine that this is the Strava segment that you need to view. http://app.strava.com/segments/826228

    p.s. well done to the OP :D

    Thanks! For some reason I didn't register on that segment, they have put in a new round about so maybe the route has changed slightly.

    Here is my ride http://app.strava.com/activities/53973315

    and here are two of the segments: http://app.strava.com/segments/4111851 and http://app.strava.com/segments/3242556 :)
  • supermurph09
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    Fantastic! What was the descent like? Much prefer climbing!
  • MartAstur
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    Fantastic! What was the descent like? Much prefer climbing!
    Fast! as there aren't many hairpin bends. I got slowed down by cars, actually had to overtake one :) I wasn't too bothered about being slowed down as like you I prefer climbing. starts to get a bit scary when you pass 60kph. :shock:
  • fishyweb
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    Excellent riding! I can only dream of managing a climb like that. I have a few Cat4s in my area, and they knock the stuffing out of me!
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  • markhewitt1978
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    fishyweb wrote:
    Excellent riding! I can only dream of managing a climb like that. I have a few Cat4s in my area, and they knock the stuffing out of me!

    I LOL at Cat 4, almost every hill around here seems to be a Cat 4.
  • MartAstur
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    fishyweb wrote:
    Excellent riding! I can only dream of managing a climb like that. I have a few Cat4s in my area, and they knock the stuffing out of me!

    I still suffer up CAT 4's. I think I got up it because I was mentally prepared for it rather then physically :? I certainly could never run as well as you do (peaked at your strava), 100 meters and I need the paramedics.