got bike soaked, what now?

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I decided earlier to nip to my parents on the bike instead of the van, it's only 10miles away, got there dry, then when I left it poured down, to the point of being absolutely soaked!!

my question is, what do I do to the bike? I have dried it and dry lubed chain, gears, shifters and levers, is there anything else to do, or that should be done to keep my bike running smooth?

cheers guys
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  • craker
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    What do you mean by dry lubed? If its the waxy stuff you put on the chain then it wont be great in the wet. Anyway, just enjoy your bike. When it starts squeaking, put some more lube on.
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    it's made for the outdoors, you've done enough, more than I would bother to do.
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    three steps after a soaking...

    turn it upside down, if water has collected in the bb shell it'll pour out via the seat tube, some frames will also drain if you stand the bike with front wheel above rear wheel

    wipe it with an oily rag

    have a beer*

    * or other tasty beverage of your choice, but beer would be normal at this point
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  • KevChallis
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    craker wrote:
    What do you mean by dry lubed?

    its liquid, but doesnt collect all the sh*t and crap up off the road

    Thanks, beer in hand now :D
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  • Just throw it in the shed 'till next time. Job done!! :)
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    I use some bike spray like the Muc off one. Think it displaces the water as well as lubing. Do not get on braking surfaces though. Not sure if its good for hubs either?
    I tend to wash my bike first if it has gotten wet. I take wheels off after washing and remove skewers to dry them.
    Having the wheels off allows you to clean/dry everything properly. Turning bike upside down and cleaning wheels separately usually means that a lot of water will drip off that otherwise would have stayed there. Bounce the wheels around gently and water will spray off.
    It allows you to clean brake blocks too. Mine are yellow which shows up just how much crap is on them.
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    I have not cleaned my new wheels yet and think I might do them now.
    If you get a 2nd set of wheels one day Kev, its very therapeutic to take them off and to give them a nice clean :-)
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    In my case I cycled home in rain and wind, I've got long guards on my bike which I suppose keeps the worst of the road cr4p off me and the bike. My ride is 10 miles, then I drive a further 6 miles home. The bike is on the top of the car where it will stay overnight. I'll wipe the saddle off tomorrow morning and cycle over the bridge to Bristol, job done. It's a single speed bike that I found at the tip and it just doesn't need much doing to it.
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    Quick wipe down starting at the top and work to the drivetrain. Clean brakes and pads too and get all the gunk off them. Thats about it.
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  • slowbike
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    Wash off - removes any muck ...
    Put in the garage and may be wipe over with a rag to get the excess off ...
    Lube happens from time to time ...

    It's going ok so far ..