Alfine 8 - chainring change from the standard 39T to a 45T?

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I am considering changing the chainring on a Charge Mixer Alfine 8 from the standard 39T to a 45T to increase the gears in the higher range. I use a Charge Mixer on my daily commute along a flat route and often wish that I could put it up into a higher gear. I have never used the lowest gear.

Has anyone else changed to a larger chainring and if so how did you find it? Were the steps between the gears still okay, or were they too great to find the right gear from the mid to high ranges?

I searched the web and to date have not found anyone who has changed the chainring and Charge will not, or cannot advise me either way, referring me back to the stockist, who in turn refers me back to Charge.

Any advice to help me make a decision is most welcome as I need to replace one of the cranks and so now is the time to change the chainring.


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    Measure the bolt circle diameter on the crank - - and go to your LBS. It seems to bee a 110 mm chainring on your bike, but I guess it can vary depending on which year it's from. You'll have to buy a new chain as well, of course.

    edit: or order a chainring for singlespeed, without shifting ramps.
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    Thanks for the advice and link
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    Or change the rear sprocket to a smaller one......that is what a work colleague did.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, as it would be the cheapest option. Unfortunately I already have the smallest Alfine sprocket (18T) on the hub, so unless another make is compatible it is not an option, but I will look at the SRAM range of sprockets as suggested earlier. I need to replace a damaged left crank. It is almost the same price for a complete Alfine crankset as it is just for the left crank, so now is the ideal time to consider to either stick with the 39T chainring, or go for the 45T.
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    I suspect you might have cracked on with this but a Nexus sprocket would fit the Alfine hub and they come in 16T (the nexus is a previous shimano hub gear). They're still readily available.