Which of these three bikes?

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I am looking at buying my first road bike this week. I have narrowed my choices down to:

Specialized Allez Compact.
Trek 1.1.
Pinnacle Dolomite 1 or 2.

Does anybody have any experience of these bikes? I often read good things about the Specialized and Trek, but not heard too much on the Pinnacle. I would be using the bike to commute, train and perhaps enter a triathlon (one day).


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    All 3 are good bikes & think you will get good reviews from owners of the Spec & Trek as possibly more popular models but does not make the Pinnacle bad just less owners.

    Best thing to do is ignore what others say & get on them and try them, see which feels good for you, handles well etc. You might be surprised that whilst bikes frames will be available in similar sizes they will be different and have different handling and characteristics.
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