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Toe knee
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I have a pedal choice to make, right I am getting my cyclescheme vouchers soon, and I am spending it on kit and the like, as I already have a bike, now do I get Mtb pedals and shoes as some suggest as an introduction to going clip less,
Or should I go straight to road pedals and shoes, bearing in mind I'm hoping to do a jogle in 2 years time. The chap I spoke to in cyclesurgery earlier, recommended the road option, any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Thanks tony.


  • Wirral_paul
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    I'd stay with the road option Tony - you wont be doing too much walking and so on I assume. I use Speedplay and having used Time and Look road pedals, and Shimano and Time MTB pedals (on an MTB) - i'd not use MTB pedals on a road bike. Whilst they have plenty of float, there feels too much free play on all the MTB pedals i've tried. Simply put - you just dont feel so well connected to the bike and i find it un-nerving myself.
  • Toe knee
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    Thanks Paul, I'm also buying a turbo, so will be able to practice clipping in and out on that.
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    I have run mtb pedals on my road bike (because I have a mtb as well) for a while now and to start with they are really easy and I always get clipped in faster than riding buddies on road pedals.
    That said, even with carbon soled shoes, you can feel the flex caused by the tiny platform so I am intending to get some nice road shoes and pedals.
    If you want mtb shoes though, there are many road/touring pedals which are lighter, single sided and have a wider platform yet are still easy to walk in. ... elID=74749
    However if you don't intend to walk much, get road shoes and pedals
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    i think it depends on what kind of riding you're planning on doing. If it's a lot of stop-start commuting i'd suggest mountain bike spd pedals as they're a lot easier to get in and out of frequently. i use spd on my commute, need to stop at about 20 traffic lights on the way to work and it's effortless. similarly, my time iclic 2 are effortless on a 100km ride through the countryside when i'm only stopping at a few junctions. however, using iclic riding through hackney and walthamstow tends to make the ankle ache after a while and i dont really like using them.

    As for getting used to clipless pedals, i started with a pair of second hand spds to try it out and it took about 50 metres to get the hang of them. It'll be no different with road pedals. as the poster above said, i've heard speedplay are good, as are spd sl or look keo