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Seat tube in frame

lee woodhamslee woodhams Posts: 70
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech

I know theres a few factors, but in general how much seat tube is the minimum needed to be kept in the frame. i'm looking to save weight and it's as good as thing as any to saw off.

My thought is, the distance between the max height mark and the bottom of the tube is the min safe amount to be left in the frame, so if i take my high setting and then measure that distance down it will be safe and as light as poss for that tube. Correct? i could eve take a fraction more off because of the less leverage due to the less height.

Think i've answered my own question but would love somebody to say if ive got it wrong




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    first see what the frame maker says. and then the seat post maker.

    100mm is a normal length for normal frames.

    but again without knowing the frame specifics can not be given if the frame makers says a minimum is needed. seat posts tend to be less specific but still best to check.
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  • levolonlevolon Posts: 78
    or you could have a good whizz before riding as 200grams saved straight away!!

    easier option id think
  • thelonegrooverthelonegroover Posts: 1,073
    Even if your seat tube weighs 200g cutting off 10cm is going to make that much difference. Most of the weight will be the clamp, so say 20 to 30g. You'd be better trying to loose that yourself.
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  • Loving the whizz idea, i'll do that at the start of every climb now.

    20-30 g, it's a start. All those 20-30 g's will add up. Better off than on.

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