Cycling Advice Needed.. Road Bike Fit.

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Cycling Advice Needed.. Road Bike Fit.

im riding a cube agree 58cm. im 6'1 tall.

it seems that my arms are a bit too straight when riding. elbows locked out. to cure this would i need a longer or shorter stem>?


  • smoggysteve
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    You could sit on your bike next to mirror and examine your position. Do you look like you are leaning too far forward? Could you move seat forward a bit to compensate? I know cube sizes are a little larger than average but you sound like you are on the right frame size. A shorter stem could help but see if you can adjust your position on your own first. Also rotating the hoods back an inch towards you could help. So long as the drops are still parallel to the floor your should be ok.
  • If you are happy with your saddle position then try a shorter stem. You can buy a cheap one, e.g. off ebay first, to try, (suggest 1 cm shorter to begin with). Once you are happy with the length then splash your cash on a decent one.
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    The best intro to bike fit is probably this one.