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I was gonna join a local club on my first club run only to have my left hand shifter fail 5 min after setting off....

This is the second time my ultegra shifter has failed in 18 months....

Not sure what to do... New group set or new bike? I have been toying with a new bike for some time and although the funds are there the wife will kill me. At the moment i have a cube but with an alloy frame. It will definitely be campag whatever...


  • amaferanga
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    Is it one of the front shifters that work with a double or triple? These were prone to breaking if they weren't set up properly. If not then you've been extremely unlucky to have two shifters fail. You could either replace it with another Shimano shifter or you could try SRAM if you replace the shifters and the rear mech.
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    Define "failed".
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    Was it the same shifter that you had fixed? Which leads to the question was it fixed properly etc.

    Does sound a bit extreme to change groupset or bike though over a shifter, but its your money so not going to tell you not too.
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  • domc21
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    It clicked up but then wouldn't release back down.... It's still under warranty so i will try and get it swapped.
  • Grill
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    Could be an installation error. If the outer cable isn't cut enough it can interfere with the front mech. Same if your bike uses cable guides.
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    Too much tension in the cable can cause the symptoms you describe.

    If you loosen off the cable at the derailleur and then hold the cable under tension by hand does it shift down then ?
  • domc21
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    nope, i tried that.
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    If it is a double/triple compatible shifter and it failed on the inner paddle (swapping onto little ring) then you can press the paddle too far and disable the front derailleur. Happened to me and I googled it and the fix was to ride slowly and force the lever as hard as you dare until it rights itself and changes up. After that I was careful how far I pressed the paddle as it can go into no man's land looking for the (non existent) smallest ring.

    This is assuming you ride a double not a triple of course.
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    i've had 3 shimano left shifters break, two tiagra models ( first one broke before i had a chance to ridemy new bike!)

    most recently an ultegra triple still under warranty ... just! seemed to be wear in pivot, it would shift down if firm pressure was put on the inner of the assembly, i could feel the whole lot sift back in a few mm.
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    I'm on my 3rd R/H Ultegra shifter in just over 2 years. Things are made of cheese metal :evil: