Armpit chafing?

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Out today for a soggy, windy, chilly 50 miler and was wearing a new base layer (Vermarc ones from Planet X, £7.50 a steal!). Stripping off for the shower and noticed some rather red armpits, wasn't too bad as putting on deodorant after didn't sting. Anyone suffered or combated this? Don't fancy finding out what its like when I get a proper sweat on, or just down to damp, cool conditions? Chop the sleeves off for a homemade vest base layer?
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    Never heard of this!

    Armpits shouldn't get chaffing they're not moving! (Put some Chamois cream up there...)

    In all seriousness, is the base layer too tight, does it bunch up under your arms? or maybe the fabric has something on it that irritates the skin? Try it again after a wash and see what happens...
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    I was going to recommend a wash before using it! I know a lot of sports garments need you to wash them before hand!
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    Yeh it was straight out of the packet, will try again after a wash. It is skin tight but thats the aim surely, although the sleeves were longer than my jersey so were probably bunched up. Will pay attention to fold them up neatly next time.
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