A question about brakes.

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Hello, i am completely new to the world of road bikes, i have never really been a fan of them since im quite strictly a MTB rider, for commutes i just modify my MTB with slicks etc to be good on the road.

However a couple of days ago i got my hands on a really old (and crap, apparently) road bike. And i thought why not give it a try? It looks like a nice bike that i could work on, but there are a few things i want to change on it in the process of repairing and modifying it.

I just had a test ride up and down the road a couple of times, and i honestly cant see myself using the "conventional" braking system of having the levers on the front of the bike on the drop down part of the handlebars. Id be riding the bike while holding the middle part of the handlebars, and it will be really awkward/annoying for me to continuously switch to the more aggressive forward leaning style just to squeeze the brakes.

So what i want to know is, is there a type of brake that you can get to mount on the straight part of the handlebars? Im guessing i could get some MTB ones and put them on there, but they would look rather odd im guessing, and wont work properly without V Brakes...

Ive seen a few pictures of bikes with the sort of brakes i have described, but i couldnt tell what sort of brake they were, and i dont know what they are called.

Can anyone tell me what they are called? Sorry, im a total noob with the terminology for road bikes.

Thanks in advance.