Supersix sizing advice needed!!!!

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Hi, I know these pages must get tiresome but im in dire need of help.
Basically i'm ive decided on getting a cannondale supersix with a sram setup, but I seem to sit inbetween 2 sizes.
I'm around 5ft 10.5" with a 33.5 leg, (short torso) :? but i live miles from any stores which stocks cannondales.
I cant decide to go for the 54 or 56.
Any help would be massively appreciated!!! :D


  • jgsi
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    I am 6 1" .. I use a 56 CAAD10.
    You check out the setup on my build thread in RoadBikes.
    I prefer a smaller frame.
  • gllaura
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    would it just be a more aggressive position on the 54?
    also where can i find that?
  • jgsi
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    gllaura wrote:
    would it just be a more aggressive position on the 54?
    also where can i find that?

    Could be... just remember , you are considering buying into a race focussed frame.. which means you can tour on it, but thats not what Cannondale decided the SuperSix or CAAD10 was built for.
    Conversely, I also race the Synapse .

    Build here..
  • adamfo
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    I'm the exact same size as the OP and went for the 56 as per Cannondale's size chart. 5 1/2 inches of post is showing.
    I could of gone for a 54 but prefer the slightly more relaxed larger fit.
  • gllaura
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    Thanks for your help, due my small torso ive just bitten the bullet with the 54!! :D Cant Wait!!!
  • CrouchingPig
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    ...With supersix sizing I make you around a 56, as they do it on leg measurement.
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  • smidsy
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    54 for me with similar dimensions.
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