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Converting Campag wheels to Shimano freehub

yayayaya Posts: 411
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I'm watching a nice set of Neutron Ultras on the 'bay but they have a Campag freehub. Is it possible to change the freehub body to Shimano on a 2010 model?



  • blackhandsblackhands Posts: 950
    Dunno about changing the freehub, but you can get campag fitting but shimano spaced cassettes. Also, Highpath Engineering do a set of spacers to convert a campag cassette to shimano spacing.
  • Probably, but I'm guessing the freehub body will cost an arm and a leg. Assuming you're currently running a Shimano 10-speed drivetrain, you could just pick up a cheap Campagnolo 10-speed cassette. This works despite the slight mismatch in spacing thanks to Shimano's floating jockey wheel. Then there's always Jtek Shiftmate.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,046
    As above... Shiftmate or Shimano spaced casettes... Neutron are nice wheels, but the availability of spares and the hassle to rebuild them make them a bad investment, if bought second hand

    I wrote a small article about rebuilding a Neutron ... ding-wheel
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  • yayayaya Posts: 411
    Thanks guys,

    @Cycloslalomeur I'm wondering if the freehub I've got on my current Fulcrum 3 (also 2010) is compatible with the Neutron's hub?

    @Ugo I just emailed you, might decide to go with a set of handbuits and keep the F3's as a spare set for the winter

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