Specialised inner tube problem

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Recently put Specialized Nimbus tyres and Specialized inner tubes on my bike. Also replaced the rim tapes. I have now had both tubes fail right by the valve. Suddenly there would be a loud sound of air quickly escaping and the tyre would be flat. Replaced one tube with a Specialized one but the other with the old tube. So far no more problems. Anyone else had a similar problem or is there a current problem with Specialized tubes?
My bike is 25 years old and as I am going to replace it soon and it makes me concerned about Specialized, or is that unfair?


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    I think it just happens sometimes I certainly wouldn't be worried about Spesh inner tubes on the basis of what has happened to you.
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    Inner tubes are thicker around the valve and are therefore less flexible than the rest of the tube.

    The lip of a tight fitting tyre will pinch at this thicker part on one side (the side of the tyre you put on last) if you don't push the valve into the tyre and pull it out again - this step makes sure that the inner tube clears the lip of the tyre and is actually sitting inside the tyre.

    So to clarify the steps:

    1. Fit one side of the tyre onto the rim of the wheel;
    2. Partially pump up the inner tube and fit into tyre/wheel;
    3. Fit the other side of the tyre onto the rim;
    4. Push valve inwards and pull it out again;
    5. Make sure the valve is pointing straight at the hub. If it is bent, grip the spokes and gently slide the tyre right to move the valve left and vice versa.
    6. Pump up one step at a time and observe the sidewalls - you may need to squeeze at places where it doesn't appear correctly locked onto the rim.
    7. Screw on the valve lockring if applicable.
  • Thanks for the replies. Thanks for the description of how to fit inner tubes, confirms that I have been doing it correctly and that recommended method has not changed in recent times. The Nimbus tyres are hard to fit and need tyre levers to get on so care is obviously needed to avoid nipping the tube. Will see over the next week whether or not the old inner tube stays inflated.
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    Is it the correct valve for the rim - i.e. not a thin presta valve in a rim with a larger hole for schrader valves? If the hole is too large it's easy to get a puncture.