Tyre sizes?

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I know this comes up from time to time - but what is the current thoughts about 23mm vs 25mm? I need new tyres on my summer bike, and was planning to get GP4000S'. Does anyone on here run 25mm ones, and what are your thoughts compared to 23mm ones?
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  • chuckla
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    You can go just as fast on 25mm and they are more comfortable than 23mm tyres! I run 25mm on my Z85 and they're great!

    One of the mags had a piece about tyre size recently
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    Current thinking is that 25mm are faster on normal (rough) roads so as they are more comfortable, I would go 25mm.

    I went from unbranded 23 tyres to 25mm branded and the difference was a real surprise to me - so much smoother, and gave me a lot more confidence.
  • Neil_aky
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    If you want to be different, don't rule out Michelin Lithion 2 tyres - this statement will be controversial as GP4000S have a strong and faithful following but the Michelin's are more sure-footed in the wet...

    But either tyre would be fine!
  • ianbar
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    25s, i am actually running 23 on front and 25 on rear at the moment which seems a nice combination
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    I've just bought new wheels with conti 4000s 25's, previous wheels had 23's, the difference in ride is unbelievable, I'm sure it's the tyres and not the wheels, even rough bumpy flat roads are almost smoothed out, so I'd go for the 25's without a doubt.
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    ^^this. 25's running 10psi lower than 23's makes all the difference.
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    I use Vittoria Pave in the Summmer. They are 24mm, but the 320 tpi casing makes them supple and fast. OK they are dearer at about £35 each but a small price to pay for excellence.