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Have done 2,500 miles on my Cinelli Experience Veloce and noticed the gears slipping in the last couple of weeks.

Turns out the chain is very worn so am going to change the chain and rear cassette.

Inspected the front chain ring this morning though and am a bit worried.

Will this need changing as well:


Also, while I'm waiting for the other components to come through is it still okay to ride?



  • wishitwasallflat
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    A 2.5k mile chain is very very unlikely to have damaged a chainring but may well have goosed the cassette - buy a new chain and cassette and bet you a million its fine. From what I remember from reading on here (do a search) chainrings outlast cassettees by a major margin (several cassettes) as they are made of tougher stuff. Also chainring teeth like cassette sprockets are odd shapes to help gear shifting so even though yours look different that's normal. For future ref if you replace your chain more frequently (mine seem to do about 1.5k all weather hard miles) you can get around 3-4 chains for each cassette. At 2.5k though I would expect the casssette to need replaced though but no way chainring.
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    Looks fine to me.

    Just changed both chainrings on my winter bike, teeth were worn to points :)
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    Looks fine to me. Just give it a clean.

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    Ben6899 wrote:
    Looks fine to me. Just give it a clean.

    ...together with the rest of the bike, its filthy!
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    Seriously? That's not filthy, that's just a bike that's been ridden a bit :roll:
  • skyblueamateur
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    Thanks for the replies. Is a relief to be honest as I didn't fancy selling out over a ton on a new front chainset.

    The advice is much appreciated and will definitely be investing in a chain wear gauge for future.

    In terms of how clean my bike is, I haver a 10 week old son so have to head out at 6 in the morning to snatch a quick hour here or there. I awlays make sure I give it a once over wipe when I have finished. I'd love to be able to give it a thorough clean after every ride but it's not feasible time wise. I make sure I clean and lube the chain every few weeks and give it a bit of a better going over then.
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    Some people like to keep their bikes surgically clean all the time, others do the bare minimum of maintenance / cleaning. I, like most, have commitments beyond cycling, and opt for somewhere in between.