Injuries and cycling

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Hi there!
I recently did some major renovations at home. Due to this I have some back pain, [went and overdid it there didn't I].
I am wondering? is it OK to go cycling even though I have these back aches. I cycle to work, abt. 13km and I don't feel any problems while cycling. Cycling goes just great. What I did notice, that the pain does not subside. I have my bike set up accordingly, to my size etc. Like I said, while riding, I practically don't feel anything.

Thanx, cheers from Slovenia


  • keef66
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    If the cycling itself is painless then I doubt it is doing any harm. I find cycling helps reduce my back pain.
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    Same here. After serious back problems in 2011 I was advised by my chiro to take up cycling. Has helped my back back to pain free health. In fact, any dull aches I just go out on the bike and they go.
  • How much did your Chiro charge?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    I had a severely ruptured disc a few years ago and had to have emergency surgery. I was off the bike for a while, but cycling has since played a big role in helping my back recover. By all means see a chiro, or osteopath. I have an excellent one near me - just went there today in fact as I work through a nasty shoulder injury caused by a fall on black ice in February. He charged £30 a session, which might seem steep but I have found him to be worth every penny.