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Morning all,

I took up road cycling around 3/4 months ago and have been putting in some Winter miles when possible.

Currently up to around the 50 mile ride mark and even in the freezing winter loved every moment in the saddle.. As you can expect with the weather we have been having and what not i was itching for the day when i could simply throw on my shorts and jersey with no base layers!

That day finally arrived on Sunday and what a difference! I had a massive smile on my face for the entire ride.. I only nipped out and did 50km but i could of literally rode all day in that weather... (the wife probably wouldnt of been best pleased mine)...

Anyway i didnt go out to break any records or push myself, i literally just wanted to get out whilst the weather was nice!

Strava data included for anyone who wants a nosey, I know i always like reading other peoples data.. (im a bit sad like that)..

Anyway i can say with 100% confidence now i have found the sport for me.. I enjoyed riding in the Wind and Rain but when the weather is good its a whole different ball game!
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  • Graeme Jones
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    Did the same yesterday but didn't work out the same way with brutal head winds, a bust front mech but put in a relatively enjoyable 37 mile. Keep it up
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    I'm a bit behind you, I started in February and similarly have been enjoying it in the cold and also got out at the weekend - lovely! Finally got a Cat 4 hill done in one go and beat 2hrs for 50km - perfect day and the grin on my descent was huge!
  • sancho_uk
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    Good stuff :)

    Glad to see im not the only one who was overly happy at the nice weather!

    Got my first Sportive event at the beginning of next month as well.. Tour of the Peaks! Hopefully im ready for those hills!
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  • A KIRK
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    Good on you it's great in the sun, I just looked at your strava, and the segment titles dying for a poo made me laugh
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