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Gisburn question

BG2000BG2000 Posts: 517
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Tried out Gisburn Forest on Monday - great fun.

But I never came across the section of trail known as the 'Hope DH' or 'Hopeline'. Or at least I think I didn't.

I only had an hour spare, so managed a single circuit of the red figure of 8. Was the 'Hope' section part of this, or is it an alternative section not included on the official map ?


  • paddyg77paddyg77 Posts: 7
    It is not part of the red route, but runs down the side of the big uphill just after the crossover of the figure of 8.
    After you go up the steep track climb, instead of turning left and heading off through the quarry, go right and the Hopeline basically runs parallel to the track you just rode up (in the woods). It comes out at the bottom of the climb.
  • BG2000BG2000 Posts: 517
    Thanks for the answer (only your 2nd post in nearly 3 years !)
  • thelonegrooverthelonegroover Posts: 1,073
    Obviously a reader rather than writer.
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  • oceheboceheb Posts: 124
    I believe its here:

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  • Kowalski675Kowalski675 Posts: 4,412
    It's marked on this map (orange line, just above the figure of 8 crossover): ... ap-web.pdf
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