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Looking for help , started 4 month ago on road bike, up to 70 mile rides, but having problems with pain at ma backside , was measured at bike shop and the seat they gave me is ok for 50mile and under. Pain is at bones at top of legs/ arse .


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    Is the centre of the saddle level? A nose down position will put more pressure on the sit bones. Also, have you ever had a proper bike fit as position makes a lot of difference. That said it may not be the correct saddle for you as it's a very personal thing.
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    Hi got a fitting for the saddle that am using now and it was fitted by the shop..
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    The shop will probably only set up the bike so it roughly fits you. It is well worth paying for a Professional especially if you experience pain when riding
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    Are you wearing padded shorts?

    Is the discomfort due to bruising of the soft tissues directly where your pelvis touches the saddle?

    Check to make sure you're not trying to pull-up on the back of the pedal stroke which can create discomfort at the top of the hamstring. Not related to the above, but any discomfort on the back of the legs could be an indication of hyper-extension. Try sliding the saddle forward on the rails a bit, or dropping the saddle a touch (1cm) and see if it helps.
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    Your problem is youve only been riding 4 takes years to build up an Adamtanium ass.
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    +1. Even if you have the perfect saddle for you it can still take sometime for your sit bones to adapt to long rides. Good shorts can help.