Best Relaxed Geometry Bike??

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Evening all, sure people have talked about this before. So I'll keep it brief.

Need a commuter, hybrids a no, so looked at cyclocross (too expensive) so now onto a relaxed road bike-Im in London and as its my first road bike, want to see where Im going.

Would really appreciate your suggestions.

Budget £500


Andrew :)


  • Grill
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    ElliptiGO's seems fairly relaxed...
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  • simonhead
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    If you can stretch a little maybe worth a look, there was a guy trying one in Evans in Guildford yesterday and he seemed to like it, similar use to yourself.
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  • t4tomo
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    entry level giant defy? Cannondale caad8? Triban
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  • rusty_nail
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    Merida Ride Lite 88 would be about right. If you can save another £100 the Ride Lite 90 has better spec.
  • giant_man
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    for something truly relaxed, you may have to up your budget imo..
  • mikebikemike
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    I would have thought for that money you'd be best looking at some thing second hand. Maybe this time of year folks are buying their bikes and hopefully flogging off their old at a decent price.

    Is there any point in actually buying a bike with relaxed geometry when for 20 - £50 you can buy a high stem and turn your race bike into a relaxed bike?
  • rodgers73
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    Specialized Secteur?
  • MichaelW
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    This is for commuting so you really need rack and mudguard eyelets and sufficient clearance, which generally comes from using long-drop calliper brakes rather than std drop. Look for winter trainer/Audax style. Ribble do a low cost one. Pinnacle Dolomite 2 and Revolution Audax (Edinburgh Cycles) are probably the closest in that price bracket.