Aero bars

coopsman1 Posts: 337
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Hi all I'm looking for a set of aero bars for my canondale supersix 105. Can anyone recommend me a good set within my budget of £100?


  • pkripper
    pkripper Posts: 652
    I use profile cobra t2+ ones - they're light and the shape suits me.

    I'd recommend finding a shop that may let you try some for size though as some feel very differnt to others.
  • meesterbond
    meesterbond Posts: 1,240
    I've got those ones too and they're ok - bit heavy, but most are.

    Do think about your position though and whether you can get low enough with clip-ons that sit on top of the bars. There are some which put the extensions underneath the bar (3T I think do some) which might help get you a little lower (if that's what's needed).