Foot Pain ?

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Completed my biggest ride to date yesterday. Cycled from Sheffield to Skegness and back the next day. Approx 170m, brill weather, with good friends and was having a brill time until about 40m from home on return leg..... I developed the most horrendous pain in my left foot just under my little toes which I can only compare to cramp. I tried to cycle through it but it continued to get worse. I stopped a few times removed shoe and stretched my toes which appeared to do the trick but the pain quickly returned. I tried loosening my straps and putting less weight on that foot but nothing helped. Really put a downer on what was a great ride.
I have a high arch to my foot and was looking at investing in some footbeds to try and help spread the weight out. Does/Has anyone had a similar problem and have footbeds helped ?


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    I also have high arches and do have footbeds - and it helps.

    I have quite wide feet, with a high arch and a prominent achilles heel - shoe fit can be a real pain. I have suffered very bad cramp attacks in my feet when riding hard/far.

    Somewhere in the combination of buying a decent pair of shoes (Sidi Dragon 2), having a bike fit, part of which included fitting black Superfeet footbeds with some shimming to flatten out my feet, the problem has become less of a problem. I also to wear Defeet socks - seem to help as well!

    I won't say it's gone away completely - but it's very rare to suffer the problem. I do still get it occasionally when riding a different bike with different shoes - hopefully pointing to the fact that the setup on the audax bike is correct.

    I do make sure I remove my shoes at each stop and stretch and rub my feet etc. - I find having them stuffed into stiff shoes for hours on end really brings the problem on more.

    My solution was expensive - but clearly on long-distance rides, comfort is everything - so I am pleased.

    What sort of shoes are you wearing currently?

    Definitely look at the options for footbeds. You could go to a specialized store and get measured up for their footbeds? Most decent bike shops will be able to advise.

    Hope you get it sorted as I know the level of pain you were in!
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    After 4 years of foot pain and bonts/northwave etc etc shoes , specialized expert 2013 model shoes sorted it for me.they fit like a glove and are wide at the toes , its like wearing slippers. :D

    toe crushing was my problem as i have wide ish feet.
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