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Just bought first full carbon road bike. Kuota kharma evo with ultegra group set. Just wondering if my old roof carrier will still be suitable to carry a carbon frame. It sits on rails and a supporting arm fastens to the main frame of the bike.


  • danlikesbikes
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    Generally can see no reason why it would not, if its designed to carry a bike then whether the bike is steel, alu, carbon or bamboo is largely irrelevant.

    If you post up the make/model of your roof rack am sure that fellow BR members might be owners of the same and can comment further for you.
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    I have a Thule 591 prorider and my bike shop would not let me use it to take a carbon bike away for a test ride. I have subsequently bought at 561 which you remove the front wheel and put in the forks. There are a few discussions about it and personally think I would be ok in the the 591 but have always been too scared to it! Plenty of other people do it, some people think there is a risk of crushing the frame. The 561 is ok but the wheel lying about it and it's a pain for my older bikes (old mountain bike) which is a pain to take the front wheel off.
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    Recently in the same boat, had thule 591 and transported my alu bike with no probs, bought a carbon bike and after a lot of research and chatting to manufactures I was advised to transport the bike in the car or behind, so got a tow bar fitted and now transport the bike on the back, as I didn't want to take the risk. Many have done it with no problems, but many have done it and cracked the frame or forks.

    Have a read of this post, views from both sides for you to read and then you'll have to decide what you thinks best.