Is 2011 GT GTR Type CX 1.0 a good buy for $900?

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Hello folks,
Was looking at cyclocross bikes recently. Kinda liked 2011 GT GTR Type CX 1.0 (the one in red with Rival). A local guy is selling it for $900 and doesnt want to go lower. Is it it a good bike or I can do better? I rode Cannondales and my road bike is CAAD8, but I ve never really heard about GT after they got sold to China. If you share any info I d appreciate that. Thanks a bunch.
Here is the bike:

And here are the specs:


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    Looks good - nice spec. Can't help you very much regarding pricing but sounds reasonable to me.
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    This is mainly a UK based forum so getting advice on value for money in another currency is not the easiest. Added to that you do not state if it is US$ or Aus$ or Can$ or some other $.