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Lefty DLR Query

wormisherewormishere Posts: 51
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Hi everyone, first post on here so hi (strava Mark Littler - Leyburn, North Yorkshire)

I have just got back in to biking again after quite a break (ex DH'er who found cars, beer etc) and have just got myself a Cannondale F800 second hand (more of an xc fan now I have grown up!). Its a great bike and I am quite good with with the mechanics (ex lbs worker) but I just have a quick question about the lefty as I have not ridden one before.

It is a Lefty DLR (first version) and runs very smooth. No stiction (slightly noiser than the forks I used to run as you can almost hear the bearings rolling - but not rough at all).

The question I have is how quick should the rebound be? With the red dial all the way to the right it is very slow, but with one 1/4 turn it speeds up hugely and almost begins to top out. The rebound is then the same all the way through the turning of the dial.

As I ride a lot on the moors I hit some quite deep depressions and the fork tends to get stuck at the bottom of the travel and then catapult me over. This is only in deep but short bog holes or bombhills.

Should there more rebound control and should the fork feel more progressive (at the moment it feels the same throguhout the travel - no harder at the bottom than the top).

Ultimately I want to know if I need to spend the £100 require on a damper service or if this is 'normal' for a lefty of this age?

Thanks again everyone!
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