5 lessons learned

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1: Check the bloody tyre pressures before setting off. Yes, I know they'd gone three weeks without needing topping up before, but that's no excuse for assuming they'll still be Ok after just one week away, lounging by the pool in the Turkish sun. I knew the back one was way too soft as I felt the rim hit the speed bump.

2: I'd been wondering what a puncture would feel like, and whether I'd notice, and now I know. Completely unmistakeable, five seconds after hitting the speed bump.

3: You can't screw in a threadless CO2 canister, and then attach the handle afterwards. Completely bloody obvious a tenth of a second after the seal breaks, but sadly not before, at least to this pea brain. You have to put the canister into the handle first, and screw the handle in.

4: A pinch-flat (so that's what people talk about) is not a 'slow' puncture. At least this one wasn't slow enough for the second CO2 canister (after I'd completely wasted the first one failing to attach it properly) to inflate it for more than about three seconds.

5: It's very easy to waste a canister fumbling, even if you've already practiced at home. I shall take a pump as well on the sportives coming up. I therefore need something like a tri-bag or a bigger saddle pack.

Fortunately I was quite close to home, and the OH came out in the car to pick me up (I phoned her before chancing the second canister!), otherwise I'd have been late for dinner.

I've now replaced the tube, and I had a good look at the rim while the tyre was off, and it looks ok. Sure enough, two little holes in the tube, which I shall fix before going out again.

Lots of lessons learned very cheaply - and very relieved I wasn't 40 miles from home when I learned them.
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    Yup, all the videos in the world don't prepare you for the reality. You have to experience it for yourself to work out what to do and how best to do it. Mine was five miles from home on a very cold January afternoon and getting dark very quickly... A rite of passage. Fwiw I haven't gone down the co2 route and always carry a mini pump in my back pocket
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    You do know that you are supposed to replace the tube before you pump it up ?
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    antfly wrote:
    You do know that you are supposed to replace the tube before you pump it up ?
    LOL, yes... I had a ten minute walk to get to where my OH was going to pick me up, and I thought I just might get away with being able to get some CO2 in, and ride it some of the way. I realised it was unlikely, given how quickly the tyre went down, and sure enough it didn't hold any pressure at all.
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
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    Don't understand the C02 canisters. I just take a pump.
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    Bustacapp wrote:
    Don't understand the C02 canisters. I just take a pump.
    Got fed up with pump falling out back of jersey pocket and smashing on the floor on downhills, then having to ride back to get it. I refuse to strap anything more than a bottle cage to my beautiful italian racing machine.

    OP - Don't worry you are not alone with the CO2 cock up. Did the same first time, ended up with a half inflated tyre and an empty canister frozen to my fingers.