Replacing Cycle/HR monitor

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I currently have a Polar CS200 that I have used for a good few years, however the HR monitor isn't the best (loss of connection and regularly says my HR is 217 - it isn't, ive stopped and checked!). I'm not sure what to replace it with, another Polar (CS500 perhaps as all my info from the last 3 years is on polar personal trainer), a different brand altogether (Garmin Edge 500??) or save the money and use my iPhone and runtastic roadbike (my fiance has an HR monitor, cadence sensor an case left from when she changed to iPhone 5). Anyone have any opinions on the above, any difficulties uploading info via a Mac (Polar doesn't support this on the CS 200). Any opinions welcome!


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    If you have an iPhone 4S and you can use the spare kit that your girlfriend has lying about why not try that? You can then test out various apps such as Strave, Runkeeper, Cycleometer, Endomondo etc to see which one you like. A zero cost option from what you have said. As for uploading to a Mac, what are you uploading to? A lot of the stuff on the iPhone can be uploaded straight to whatever site that you are using or if you are wanting to keep them yourself sites such as Runkeeper allow you to export your data in a variety of formats. The Wahoo app for example allows uploading to Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, Nike+, Training Peaks, Dropbox as well as a load of others. It also allows you to email data. Other apps will have similar functionality.
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    My Strava info automatically loads onto the website once I get home, so I don't need to plug anything into the computer.
  • Apologies if I wasn't clear, he problems uploading to a mac is solely for the Polar products, there is no support for upload for some of their computers unless it is via PC. I have used Runtastic road bike before but only in a pocket as a tracking tool rather than HR monitor as well. Had a look at garmin as I thought the iPhone would be too bulky strapped to the handlebars but really there are only a few cm's difference in size so I will have a test with the iPhone over the next few weeks.