Really Chuffed did my first 50 miler today

Simon-R7 Posts: 59
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Had a window of opportunity this morning and I managed 52.5 miles. Its not often I get let out for that long. Stopped for a coffee and Latte at 45 miles felt as if I could of gone further but I ran out of time. See ride need to double the distance by 4th August for the Ride London - Surrey 100 :lol:


  • ashleydwsmith
    ashleydwsmith Posts: 693
    Congratulations to you, not long done mine. Second I did I got sunburnt like a plank.

    Well done to you.
  • elderone
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    Congrats,cracking of luck for the next 50.
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  • Sprool
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    Well done mate, good ride - cracked my first 50 yesterday in the flatlands of north lincs, highest elevation was 75 feet!
  • aberdeenal
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    Well done!

    50 miler is my next goal - I did 42 today :-)