Not the best first ride

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Hi guys, bought my first bike in about 10 years today, it's a hybrid so I don't know if you will frown upon me haha, took it out for a quick ride down to the shop and as soon as I started felt very unstable. Swaying from side to side as I peddled resulting in a fall which ended up in a fair amount of blood and a much worse damaged ego. Having not ridden since I was a teen will the balance come back quickly or am I going to be spending countless hours in closed car parks until I can ride in a straight line.
Pointers and words of encouragement are very welcome cheers


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    Was the bike ok when you started to ride ?
    I thought once you learnt to cycle it's with you for life ?
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  • To be honest I'm not sure if there is a problem with the bike. I never used to sway like that but I have put weight on. Is it common for new riders to have such a lack of balance
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    Sorry to hear that.

    I recently picked up a road bike, my first bike for 27yrs!

    Yes, I wobbled, wobbled like buggery tbh .. Good news is that you soon calm down, relax and get into it.
    Stick with it mate ... It'll be well worth it :)
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    Quick thought - if you were a little nervous, you may have been going a little slow. A bit more speed can help balance.

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    Where in the world are you?
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