Creaking coming from bb

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Hi guys,

Iv had my dale for a little while now and it's done a few hundred miles trouble free, but during my last ride I started noticing a very prominent creaking coming from the bottom bracket when the pedals are under load, mainly hill climbing out of the saddle, the bike hasn't been dropped or anything like that.

It's really quite lound and doesn't sound confidence inspiring, I'll nip the bike back to the local shop on Monday but just wondered if anyone had any ideas, I'm not very technical so it could be a easy fix ect,

Thanks in advance
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  • Chrisrebbeck
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    Had the same on my SRAM force in my cervelo recently after 300 or so miles from new. Just kept getting worse. Took it to a local bike mechanic who took it apart, put a bit more copper grease in torqued it all back up and it's completely silent again. Probably just bedding in.
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    Press fit BBs ha ha ha ha ha
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  • Joeblack
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    Helpful Des ^

    Thanks Chris, I'm sure it'll be something they can fix, like you I just want it completely silent like it was before
    One plays football, tennis or golf, one does not play at cycling
  • pedrojake
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    I was sure my BB was creaking like that-ended up it was the pedal. Removed added some grease, refitted now its fine