Cannondale Supersix 105 Question?

Sudden Death
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Just treated myself to a 2013 Cannondale Supersix 105.
I've bought a Datatag thingy and fitted it, but can't work out where my frame number is? I've looked under the BB, several numbers there, but there are also numbers on the downtube?

Am I missing something? I remember reading somewhere that some bike firms put the numbers elsewhere? The numbers I've found are on stickers, which makes me think they're not what I'm looking for?

I've tried Google and have even considered phoning the Bike shop I bought her from and sounding like a Div by asking them :(

Anyone know where it is please? :?
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  • simonhead
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    Mine is on the chainstay but correspondes with one of the stickers.
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  • smidsy
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    Bar coded sticker on the BB contains the frame number. Your owners manual even has pictures of where it is.
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