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WTF - this is a joke -

rkdj001rkdj001 Posts: 6
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ARGH - and he has done it before.

Joke sentence from a joke system and a joke judge. I know there will be 'sentence guidelines' but come on! ... e-22397918



  • ExtralightExtralight Posts: 136
    Really shocking. The judge excuses his actions as a momentary lapse of concentration, and sees his mental health as mitigating his behaviour, and then levels responsibility for her death with the victim herself: 'she was not wearing a safety helmet and that in my view contributed to her death'. What contributed to her death was being hit by a car - choosing not to wear a helmet didn't make him crash into her. Really upsetting stuff.

    (BTW, I don't want to trigger the endless helmet debate, but FWIW I never ride anywhere without one.)
  • This is so infuriating! On top of the ridiculously light sentence, he only loses his license for 5 years!?! And this isn't the first cyclist he killed...
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