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Specialized Secteur - Elite or Disc Compact?

keithkeith Posts: 1,149
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

What a nightmare. Settled on the Secteur for its comfort and speed, but lost on which one to get. I think that I'm going for the disc model as... I'd like discs to save rims and I've never had too much luck with rim brakes.

Help! What are the pros and cons of each? They're the same price... Anyone know the weight of them?

Do you own either? BOTH?



  • theotherjaketheotherjake Posts: 237
    I own the disc and commute daily in London. For me its the perfect bike for the job.
  • simonheadsimonhead Posts: 1,399
    Recently upgraded to the disc from an older sport. You get better components on the Elite (Tiagra rather than Sora) but for me that was a non issue. The practicality of the commuting bike having discs was the clincher. if there hadnt been a disc version i would have taken the elite.
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