Insoles for Bont A2

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Can anyone recommend and insole for these shoes? feet could do with some more cushoning? Something that doesnt have a raised arch as im partially flat footed.
Thanks for any help


  • iPete
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    My local running shop did me some heat moulded insoles, I'm pretty sure they did them for cycling too, maybe worth a look if you have flat feet.
  • jouxplan
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    Have a look at the other thread currently discussing footbeds

    If you really do have partially 'flat feet' (apparently true flat feet are actually very very rare!) you will probably find that the Specialized footbeds with the lowest arch setting will be sufficient.

    However, cycling arch support is often better when it is more 'aggressive', whatever size arch you actually have. You may be surprised to find that despite your partially 'flat feet', some firm arch support would do your cycling (and feet) a lot of good :D
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  • wishitwasallflat
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    I put sorbothane flat insoles in my a2s and found that was more comfortable and boosted the inbuilt arch support enough for me. Cost about £12 on ebay
  • edten
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    what is it that makes you think more padding is needed? If you are getting hot spots, particularly on the outside of the feet chances are you have insufficient arch support...maybe wedging.
  • Barrzy257
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    I am not completely flat footed, but was diagnosed when I was younger with partially, and since having the bonts found one is worse that the other! Reason for more padding is mainly in the toe box, after a while I get a dull ache in that end on the foot, now the shoes are not to short, narrow or tight so thought padding might be worth a go. It's a feeling I'm very familiar with as I have it with work shoes, and an insole sorted that out. I definitely have a lot more arch support with the bonts, which I hated the first few rides but now feels great. A friend recommended the superfeet yellows, so I've gone ahead and ordered a set. Fingers crossed!