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As I left the court room, the driver said “Watch yourself out there” to me and his brother gave me a sinister look. Probably not the best thing to do when a waiting room is filled with several police officers.


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    Result...! How could the driver (realisticly) not see the cyclist ?
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    I ride along that piece of road when I go swimming after work. I've seen something similar happen twice. It's an appallingly bad piece of road layout.
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    It's an appallingly bad piece of road layout.

    It is terrible. As a driver I imagine its easy to assume the cyclists all filter off left.
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    I have to agree that it is a bad piece of road. In that instance however the cyclist repeatedly shoulder checks and has to cut to the left to the left to avoid another vehicle doing the same thing. So quite clearly trying to go straight on. Just goes to show the danger of driving based on a series of presumptions. Eventually the series of probabilities that your assumptions are incorrect will catch up with you.

    As to road design - who the hell are these people?
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    Well done, Gaz for pursuing this with the police and getting a positive result. The outcome for the cyclist could have been horrific, if she had not taken evasive action.
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    I dread to think what could have happened if she'd been using clipless as she needed her leg swing in order to maintain her balance. Hope she's not too shaken up after this and continues to ride a bike, and well done Gaz for chasing things up.

    Group hug. :-)
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    Driver can only have assumed the cyclist was going left too.

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    Good on Gaz!

    I do love the ol' "professional driver of xx years" defense...because it always seems to be the most unprofessional drivers who use it.
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    As a driver I imagine its easy to assume the cyclists all filter off left.

    As cyclists we really have to think about what drivers might assume. We also have to NOT assume anything but be prepared for everything.

    I'm very glad that driver got punished. Slightly miraculous actually!

    IMV any junctions call for some defensive cycling - use your road position to make very clear you are NOT going left, i.e., move right / take primary even if that means leaving the cycle lane> I know that shouldn't be necessary but...
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    That junction is absolutely terrible. I cannot believe it has not been changed yet given the number of near misses and serious accidents it sees.

    Taking the entire lane there is the only solution as a cyclist.