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AC Joint Reconstruction

Jimx26Jimx26 Posts: 147
Hi All,

Looking for a bit of advice/experiences of the above.

I separated my shoulder last year and had a tight rope fixation procedure, unfortunately I am still in a lot of pain with limited ROM. My consultant advised it was probably down to arthritis so I had a steroid injection but again this had little to no affect.

I have now been told I require more surgery and have been given 2 options;

1. Remove the end of my clavicle in the hope this will stop the pain.

2. Remove the end of my clavicle and perform AC reconstruction using harvested ligaments from my hamstring to secure the clavicle in place.

Has anyone had either procedure and can share their experience? I am inclined to go with the second option although there are more risks involved and it is a bigger procedure, however I am concerned about the hamstring harvest and issues that may present. The consultant advised there shouldn't be any issues as this is quite common to harvest part of the hamstring. The consultant seemed to favour the first procedure as this is much less invasive and would only require keyhole surgery but did advise I may need the reconstruction if that didn't work out.

Any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated.




  • sofaboy73sofaboy73 Posts: 574
    Can't advise as to actually having the procedures done, but it looked as I might have to get it done a while back so did a load of research (luckily only a grade 3 seporation and good rom returned)

    Conclusion I came to was go for the least surgery possible. If your consultant favours the key hole surgery, I'd probably listen to him as he's the expert. Recovery time is a hell of a lot quicker and your not messing with your hamstrings. Worst comes to worse and the minor surgery doesn't work fully, go for the major surgery at a later date would be my view.

    Speedy recovery whatever you choos
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